#1 Kickboxing in Long Beach, Nassau, Long Island, NY 
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Get In Shape Fast And Have Fun Doing It
Say Goodbye To Boring Treadmill. 
Burn over 700 calories in only 45 minutes
Welcome to The Best Part of Your Day!
Benefits of Kickboxing.
  •  Reduce Stress
  •  Boost Confidence Levels 
  •  Improved Coordination 
  •  Burn 700+ Calories 
  •  Energy Boost 
  •  Tone Lean Muscle
Mix up your routine with flexibility and strength-building moves in kickboxing classes. You’ll enjoy high-intensity drills while burning massive amount of calories.* A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. but newcomers are always welcome – just let your kickboxing class instructor know.

Experience Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Long Beach
Full body workout. Head to toe.
Losing weight as never been more fun and entertaining
Learn from passionate and professional instructors who love what they do. 

Train along with fun and like minded people.
No more expensive and boring gym. 
With one little decision the body and level of fitness that you always wanted can be reach. 

Kickboxing Conditioning is the perfect total body workout, and the fastest way 
to toned and meltaway fat. Kickboxing Conditioning includes cardio calisthenics, 
bag work, punch - kick - knee elbow strikes, pad work, and core strengthening exercises. Come ready to sweat like crazy, build a rock solid core, and burn hundreds of calories.*

Kickboxing is the empowering full body cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of routines that is designed to burn calories and melt away fat. 
Conveniently Located at 244 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY
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Lost over 65 pounds

“Since I’ve started Kickboxing, I’ve lost over 65 pounds! On top of that, I’ve gained confidence.”

The best shape of my life

“I used to get angry easily, but through the Kickboxing I’ve learned how to control my emotions. It’s a great stress release and I’m in the best shape of my life. So, if it worked for me, it will work for you too!”

More positive

“Since I started the Kickboxing I feel more optimistic, more positive; I have that ‘Yes I Can’ attitude, and have set new goals in my life.”

Totally stress-free…

“By training in the Kickboxing, I have totally become stress-free. I love it. My life is so much more enjoyable!”

Lost 12 pounds

“I love Kickboxing training! With the training I’ve gotten, I have lost 12 pounds and gained great confidence!”

More confident, energetic, and happy!

“Ever since I started Kickboxing training I’ve become more confident, energetic, and happy! If I can do it, you can do it.”
StrikeFit - 244 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY 11561 - (516) 431-0262